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1.Strategic and Systematic Development
Our business is not just profit oriented. We strive to shoulder social responsibilities and strive for the betterment of our country's economy. We continually focus on growing in a strategic and systematic way to yield true long term benefits both financially and socially. On a larger scale, we compete with the market in a constructive way to help each other grow and advance, rather than simply focusing on short-term, immediate profits.
2. Sustainable Development
Per capita resources are particularly scarce for Chinaand its 1.3 billion populations. Thus businesses must conserve resources to ensure sustainable development. We must take on the global perspective and view sustainable development as an effort that must be made internationally and collectively. This can be achieved through changing the mode of economic growth, emphasizing the development of recycling economy, and adjusting the structure of the industry.
3. Environmental Protection
With global and local economic growth, the deterioration of the environment has become a great concern. Wild animals, vegetation, and resources have all been negatively affected, and now pose a great threat to human survival and social development. It is our understanding that as a business, we must take the responsibility to protect the environment and renew it.

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