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We have the clear understanding that the person is the foundation of the health development of our company. The denotation and attitude of every employee can guarantee the fine expansion of our company, no only in business, but also the contribution to our community and society.


We take this opportunity to introduce our company team and their contribution and their help to the development of our company



 General Manager: ZHAO, JUNREN

With tens year in the manage and control of the chemical factory, he has rich experience in the big jointly company and cross culture organization.

Greeting from General Manager Zhao,JunRen:

Thank you for visiting our website and thank the friends from all aspect of the society, thank you for your care and love to us.We will use our best quality and best service to feedback the care and love from all of you.


Sales Manager: Louis, Chen

Selling is the foundation of any company, a good product, which can not be sold out well, should not be a good product.I have accumulated my valued and big client during the past years hard work, but because we continuously enlarge our output and invest new factory, along with the birth of new product, our sales department should have better selling technology and find new client, to enhance our sales amount. 


Human Resource: Liu, HuiZhi

The people is the foundation of company, without suitable and talent employee, the whole factory can not run at all. My job is to recruit and find potential human resource inside and outside of the company, to inject the energy to the company.


General Engineer: Tai,YuanCao

The development of technology give the competition of our product, which requires us to concentrate on the newest technology. And the safe production is also important to maintain our company


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