1. Factory technical director

Job description:
a. 5 years working experience in head;
b. understand the big goods quality requirements;
c. understand the Production Equipment, and can be independent operation;
d. review the production quality standard and process single;
e. to manage engineering department daily affairs;
f. with professional dedication;
g. college degree or above, female candidate is preferred;
h. five insurance pay


2 . Department manager for The Fifth Business Department

Job description
a. Management department of comprehensive work;
b. To be responsible for the organization to develop business rules and regulations, business processes and specific operation rules and implementation plan;
c. Responsible for the implementation and check management rules and regulations of the company in the business sector, improvement Suggestions and opinions, and provide the reference for the company leadership;
d. Responsible for leading department to complete the company issued a profit targets;
e. Responsible for guarantee business structure adjustment and control;
f. Responsible for coordinating working relationship with other departments;
g. To the general manager returns submitted work summary.

3. Africa  Sales Representative

a. sales staff position, under the leadership and supervision of the superior finish quantified work requirements periodically, and be able to deal with and resolve the responsible tasks;
b. manage customer relationship, complete the sales task;
c. to understand and excavate the customer demand and the purchase desire, this paper introduces the advantages of their products and features;
d. for clients to provide professional consulting;
e. collect potential customer data;

4.  Africa Accounting Audit

Job description:
a. the examination and approval of financial revenues and expenditures, review financial reports and accounting statements, plans for major financial revenues and expenditures, economic contract to sign;
b. budgeting and execution budget, draft involved in financing and use of the plan, ensure the effective use of funds;
c. review foreign accounting information provided by the company;
d. responsible for checking the company report and each unit of accounting statements and group company accounting statements, prepare financial comprehensive analysis and thematic analysis report, provide a reliable basis for the decision-making for the company leadership;
e. the development of company internal financial and accounting system and working procedures, organize and implement the plans after and supervise the implementation;
f. to organize the formulation and implementation of the company's financial revenue and expenditure plans, credit plans and cost plan.

5.  Accountant

Job description:
a. participate in routine documents audit, proof of charge to an account establishment and cross examination;
b. all kinds of accounting statements issued by;
c. all kinds of taxation, statistics, finance and other government supervision department report and the preparation of information and submit;
d. month/quarter/year national tax, land tax timely, accurate;
e. inventory management and asset management of fixed assets;
f. exchanges after the end of monthly payment clear in time;
g. other tasks assigned by the leadership

6. General Manager Assistant

 Job description:
a. assist the chairman in, carrying out the business development strategy, plan, implement, implement company operation and management goals.
b. according to the requirements of the chairman, follow up the implementation of resolution items and propulsion, following the subordinate company's performance appraisal.
c. assist the chairman of external public relations maintenance.(media, government, customers)
d. important meeting, the chairman, President and CEO of the organization arrangement, meeting minutes, memos and other documents.
e. responsible for timely convey their chairman, chairman assigned by drafting all kinds of documents.
f. complete other tasks assigned by the chairman of the supervisory, coordination and carry out the task.

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